Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on the length of your booking. Prices start at £8.00 for a 30-minute booking. 

You can scan the QR code on the side of any My Work Booth Pod which will take you to the website or go directly to

The opening hours vary depending on location. Click here to view all locations. 

We comply with all data protection legislation and do not store any personal information about you.

You can sign up to receive marketing on the web app. This means you will be on our marketing database to receive information about new MWB offers and locations.

We recommend you book as far in advance as possible to ensure your preferred MWB is free.

You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance. You will receive a refund within 5 working days. This will be refunded to the same card that you used to make your booking.

Currently we only accept payment by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Yes this is possible but the person entering MWB needs to have their phone with them with access to the email booking confirmation.

Your booth will be accessible to you at the start of your time slot. If the slot before your booking is available, you will be allowed access 2 minutes before the start of your booking.

Please check the following:

Make sure you have the correct email selected on your phone, with the correct QR code for the booking.

Make sure you are in the correct MWB location as there are multiple locations. You can check on the location map and your confirmation email.

Make sure you are scanning the QR code using the reader on the pod.

The booking system operates in real time and on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to stay longer please make a new booking for the next available slot.

You cannot modify or cancel a booking if there are less than 24 hours left until the start of your booking. However you can book the next slot if it is available in the booking system.

Please check the size of pod for each location as some pods are designed for one person and the larger booths can accommodate up to 4 people.

Please be mindful of other users who will be using the booth after you as some food is messy and smelly. Please ensure you leave the booth clean for the next visitor.

Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the booth.

The WIFI networks vary according to location. Please ask local store for details.

Please contact us and we will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

Please contact someone at the host venue and they will be able to assist you.

Please keep your phone, as well as all your personal belongings with you at all times. You will need your phone to gain re-entry to the booth during your time slot. Please don’t leave your personal belongings unattended inside the booth, as they may be removed by security personnel. You can leave and re-enter the booth at any time during your booking slot.

Follow the same process as when you originally entered the booth and refer to the confirmation email. Please remember to take your phone with you each time you leave the booth.

Please contact us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

The booths are equipped with an occupancy sensor. The air ventilation is automatically switched on when you enter. This helps to keep a flow of fresh air when the door is closed. You cannot turn off the air ventilation.

Please keep the door closed at all times, as it can be a health and safety hazard to the other visitors at the venue, if left open. Keeping the door closed allows you to fully experience the acoustic properties of the booth.

The booths are equipped with a ventilation system, which pumps in air. So the temperature will be similar to the ambient temperature of the room the booth is located in. There is no air conditioning, so you cannot control the temperature inside the booths.