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My Work Booth provides private silent work and meeting pods that can be booked on a pay as you go basis with no monthly commitment. Each booth has a seat, a table and power as well as a constant supply or fresh, filtered air.

How does it work?

Go to the MWB Web App

Load up on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Book the pod in the location you desire

Use the booking form on the website to find a date, time & location that suits you.

Receive the QR code via email

After you’ve booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a QR code.

Use the scanner on the lock to open the door with the QR code

On the day/time of your booking, bring up the QR code on your phone, or email print out, and hold it up to the scanner on the door to gain access to the pod.

Creating a unique, more efficient workspace for you

Silence has become a luxury in modern society. My Work Booth was born out of the frustration with the lack of quiet spaces to work and make calls between meetings. You’ve probably been in the same situation – you urgently need to make a call to a client or finish a proposal. You find a café, grab a coffee and take a seat.

Then you realise your laptop or phone is about to die and there are no power sockets available. Or the café is particularly busy, and you cannot call your client in such a noisy environment.

My Work booth provides soundproof, private booths in public spaces which can be booked via your phone.

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