Preloved pods

Refurbished and preloved meeting pods and phone booths on sale

Deliver incredible value while leading the circular economy drive to better standards

Martela Sono

£4500+VAT, price excludes Delivery and Installation price, black & Oak finish

Framery Q flow

Framery Q Floorless

£11.950+VAT, price excludes Delivery and Installation

Taiga Lohko Box 1

£3.450+VAT, price excludes Delivery and Installation, black finish

Transforming existing users’ preloved and refurbished Pods into pristine units that appear brand new involves a meticulous process.

Initially, each Pod undergoes a comprehensive assessment to identify areas requiring refurbishment.

This evaluation includes scrutinizing the exterior for any signs of wear and tear, assessing the functionality of internal components, and ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Once assessed, the refurbishment process begins with thorough cleaning and sanitization to remove any dirt, grime, or residue accumulated over time.

Next, any damaged or worn-out components are meticulously replaced with high-quality, compatible parts to restore optimal functionality.

Attention to detail is paramount during the refurbishment process, with technicians carefully inspecting and testing each component to ensure seamless integration and flawless performance.

Cosmetic imperfections are meticulously addressed through techniques such as repainting, polishing, or rebranding to achieve a pristine, like-new appearance.

Additionally, rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage to guarantee that each refurbished Pod meets or exceeds the standards of a brand- new unit.

This includes conducting comprehensive functionality tests, verifying
operational efficiency, and performing final inspections to ensure impeccable quality and reliability.

In addition to restoring preloved and refurbished Pods to a like-new condition, our refurbishment process plays a vital role in promoting a sustainable circular economy.

By extending the lifespan of Acoustic Pods, we actively reduce the need for new production and minimize the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, transportation, and disposal.

Ultimately, the goal of refurbishing preloved and refurbished Pods is to provide existing users with a renewed and rejuvenated product that not only looks brand new but also delivers the same exceptional acoustic performance and reliability they’ve come to expect from our Pods.